2012 Truffles filly >above
Sire: Royal Siver  14.3h (SIr Royal x Gypsy Dance Ranch
Tinkerbella) >
Dam: SKY   (Romany Prince  x  Molly)   
                               Romany Prince sired by the old
Horse of wales x Dam: China Doll.
Truffle's Dam: SKY (Romany Prince  x  Molly)  
Royal Silver FULL brother - ROYAL GOLD
(show picture above)
*Is 2X champion of champions in the ShowRing
and   Res. World Gypsy champion of champions!
Truffle  will  be  the next show stopper!
2012 Izzy - exp. 14.1-2h
Black/White Filly <ABOVE>
(Sir Royal Silver  x Molly)
Package pricing  w/Dam Molly and/or Sky
A very sweet sweet  filly!!
Truffle is a TRUE Black silver dapple
aka Chocolate Palomino.  
Below in her faded baby winter coat.  
   I love her lightning Bolt  strips.....
Truffle will be as dark as her  Grandsire Sir Royal Excalibur ==>    
*WOW za   2013    FOALS for SALE  
Buckskins , Silver  Dapples &  Silver Buckskins
EMAIL us at:   zahararosea@yahoo.com
Kiss(left/sold).   Truffles on right.
Truffles                          Kiss-sold

Gypsy Vanner Estate Sale   (widow has asked Gypsy Dance to help disperse herd) see below.
2009  Sir Royal Silver  !SOLD! -PROVEN Silver Dapple Stallion-aka Chocolate Palomino - (Full brother to Royal GOLD-WORLD gypsy Res. champion -
         *  * DNA's back to the Roadsweeper(deep in Gypsy bloodlines)
QUALITY doesnt get better than this!!!
2012  !SOLD! TRUFFLE Filly /Black Silver dapple -    (Sir Royal Silver x Sky)    FANTASTIC  Chocolate Palomino Filly!!!!
2012 !pending SOLD! Izzy Filly Black/white -dripping in feather  (Sir Royal Silver x Molly)   FANTASTIC  FILLY!!

MARES  bred back   for 4/2014  to Sir Royal Silver  w/live foal guarantee:
1998  !SOLD! Black/White Molly  14.2h /UK imported .  Izzy's Dam. Photos below.
!SOLD! Black/white  SKY 14h/UK imported in-utero.  Truffles Dam.                                              
(Romany Prince  x  Molly)    
Romany Prince sired by the old Horse of wales x Dam: China Doll.

          *** some  photos below , more photos and video to come soon!!
2012 Truffe FIlly    exp: 14.0-1h
!SOLD! (Sir Royal Silver  x SKY)
Dam sired by Romany Prince(Old Horse of
wales x China Doll)
*BLACK Silver Dapple aka
Chocolate Palomino
"Truffle's  feather lies on the
Pictures comming all
GrandSire: SIR Royal Excalibur
- Truffles future color!
Sire: SIR

Molly  14.2h /UK 2005 imported .
Izzy's Dam.   Photos below.
Sire: SIR Royal Silver(2009)