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MUSIC VIDEO "Silver Gypsy" by Canadian
featuring         GYPSY DANCE RANCH and  SIR ROYAL

and  FULL brother SIR ROYAL GOLD
World Res. Champion Stallion of Stallions
GYPSY  DANCE RANCH Presents  . . .
Gypsy Dance Olivers GOLD "O.G."
Deep in Gypsy bloodlines of Kings....    
Stallions are PSSM clear/negitive
Book early for discounts .  
Limited breedings per year .
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SIR Royal  Excalibur
the LEGEND   continues.....  Proven Stallion!
UK Born: 2004 |  15h   |** PSSM Clear/Negitive | LFG |
|  AI | 100% settlement success  rate |
ships at 75-80% with a viable count of 60% 3 days later(client tested)

Sired by  THE Business (aka The Boss)      
GYPSY Bloodlines of  Kings,   DNA'd  to RoadSweeper Lines
whoose "feather swept  the roads".

Offered to a limited number of outside mares each year
Contact us for  more information:  SIR Royal Excalibur
AND   SIR ROYAL  Silver PRINCE ( sired by Sir Royal Excalibur)

Excellent Bone, Feather and Confirmation.
Check out his ATHLETIC hip and shoulder....WOW!!!!!!
Amazing double-mane  &   feathering.

It is not what a stallion looks like or  has done in the showrng.
BUT   can the stallion produce himself
and/or BETTER
and win in the showring!  
Royal has both good GYPSY looks and produces  himself and better!  

SIR  Royal Excalibur
is becoming  a Black SILVER DAPPLE  STALLION LEGEND!!!   
His foals are winning in Show Rings all over the country!!!
The Best of theBest!
Royal is producing over 70% silver dapple on black/white mares,
odds are 50/50.  
Royal ships IA and has
100% settle rate on Gypsy mares with ONE SHIPMENT!
.....saveing  you alot of vet $$$

Breeding color Guarantee, if you dont get a SIlver Dapple foal you can breed
1 more FREE subsequent breeding year to get your silver dapple odds.
Color and the correct  confirmation Gypsy Stallion.
NO HASSTLEs and professional IA services .
Other stallion owners have made the same  promises that they dont keep after
they get your money, we deliver and KEEP our PROMISEs at  the  SIR ROYAL

Stud services are Limited. Book Early.  LFG(Live foal guarantee's)
We   protect the Royal foals  and his special Boss  lineage by limiting the
number of foals each year.  Our foals are more than just a pretty face & color
as they are exceptional to the breed!        

We ONLY breed  to 100% Gypsies and Drums!!!         
Your Foals  value is important to US!          

Again the  promise
Gypsy Dance presents the
future. . . .  
** Tumbleweed's  
Grandsire  Tumbleweed
GVHS has recognized Tumbleweed as the first
horse EVER in the20 year history of the GVHS
to achieve the
Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Hall
of Fame.
Silver Dapple Palomino  nZ|nCr|Aa

**PSSM1= clear
Gypsy Dance
Gypsy Diva
Bob's JAZZaBella
Bob's Black  Majic
LENNY's  Cami
Cindi Blu by Midget
Gypsy SUN Dancer
BRACKENhill  Billy's Girl
LOTTERY's  Colorado
Marilyn Monroe(ZZ)
R. Queeni - SOLD
Angel -SOLD
Prada- SOLD

gypsy dance STALLIONS
Sir ROYAL Excalibur   
O.G. "Olivers GOLD"
Sir ROYAL Silver Prince
Tumblweed's  Sterling     
Hall of FAME
2016 foals        2017 Foals
Olivers GOLD -O.G. "Ohh Gee"  
Stud fee is $1,500.00 / Early Bookings $1200
Sire: UK Coates Oliver x  Dam:  Coats Romi Angel
(lines of Kent Horse & Billy Boy aka Christie Horse)
14h |   Ee | nCr | Aa **PSSM1= clear/negitive
LFG |  AI | 100% settlement success  rate |

Premier UK Breeding not a lucky throw!
SIRE Coates Oliver AND  brothers (same Dam) are the well known   
'Dooley Horse' and  'Mosey'.

Three black colts were    
bred  "On the Trot!"   
All of these three colts have made Famous stallions so clearly Oliver
was not a lucky throw he is a result of   
(Statements from UK Amy&Albert   Coates)  
fyi:  Hes got the TROT!
GrandSIRE Hall of
Fame TumbleWeed
Lion King's ZORRO   -  
Grandsire( Lion KING x  BF BabyDoll ) 13h/Pssm1 Clear
*Limited 2018 Breedings   **VIDEO- EXCEPTional MOVER!
COVER  2017 Vanner
Silver Dapple  is Gypsy Gold.
SIR Royal  Excalibur