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Sir Royal Excalibur stables
100%  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on all sales!  
Sir Royal Excalibur stables  breed  QUALITY  over Quantity
by breeding  only a few  Royal foals each year to protect the bloodline
and  produce  the    *BEST OF THE BREED *  for your barn!!  

WE are not just about SILVER DAPPLE color   ROYAL foals are winning champion of champions in the Gypsy showring!

Billy Boy's  Sire<below>:
James Taylor BrackenHill Alfie

2014 JT is going to look alot like ALFIE in time.
Gutheries Billy BOY
PRADA PRODUCES Very Nice foals!
Billy Boy
2012  Porshe -black filly  (sired by A stallion
from the Silver Dapple Boss line )
2011 -Black filly sired by Duke of Earl   
2010   -Spotted colt sired by DJ Apollo
This is one of the sweetest gypsy
*Kind eyes and
SHe has beautiful
dappling in her
summer coat. ==>
Strong athletic shoulder with the  
Her Bone is equisite for the breed.
Sweet head and ears.

is FANCY!!  
Video of Filly  below!
Not many  Gypsy's
move like this!
Oct-2014 Prada after her
Bath- wet feather-  ==>

Exported by   Clononeen Farms (Ireland/UK)
Foaled 2004  -  15.1H
Top Quality Black Blagdon Mare
Black - Homozygous    
Sabino - negative     Agouti - negative
in Foal  to
SIR ROYAL Excalibur for MAY 2015

Prada's VIDEO
SUPER BIG  personality   + XX-sweet .
Wants to follow you everywhere
like your best friend!
FANCY movment,
I have seen very few gypsies move like this!!!

**Imported from Ireland in 2006,
Prada came direct from Appleby.  
Originally from the well respected
breeder George Harrison,
this mare  is a prized addition to
any  breeding program and is Very well Bred!!

Prada has phenomenal hair, conformation, and a
wonderful personality.  
Check out HER foals below!
WOW!  Filly Porches fancy trot Video like mom!
available for sale  because we have our sights on
another  and we may still keep her!
2014   JT  colt
Sire Billy BOY
2013 - Filly

WOW!!  Vidoe of  PRADA's  2013 Filly .
Prada and her filly  have the natural  HIGH_KNEE Trot!!!  
Passing  onto her  foals.......     
All  the lads  "value"  this characteristic!
< 2013 Prada foal video >