DAM: Cindi Blu-14.1h PRETTY BLUE EYES-*very  pretty Gypsy :)
(Son of Bob The Blagdon x Red Midget Daughter)
Sir Royal Excalibur stables
100%  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on all sales!  
Sir Royal Excalibur stables  breed  QUALITY  over Quantity
by breeding  only a few  Royal foals each year to protect the bloodline
and  produce  the    *BEST OF THE BREED *  for your barn!!  
WE are not just about SILVER DAPPLE color   ROYAL foals are showring  winners
champion of champions in the Gypsy showring!
Deep Bloodlines of  Gypsy KINGS:
BOB the BLagdon,
The Boss/Business , ROADSWEEPER,
Black COAL horse,
Old Black horse
Sundance SIre goes back to Eddie Alcocks Old Horse(by
the Old Coal Horse). and dam is a Bay blagdon splashy
mare called Sue Ellen.

Sundance dam is a dun mare called WILD ROSE, she is by
a palomino stallion called CHIPS 2 x a mare called BLACK
BONNY. Chips 2 is by a dark dappled palomino stallion
called CHIPS 1 who was owned by my father 35 years ago.
Black Bonny is by a Dales bred colt from Weekside Perfect
breeding and out of a Black mare called KIZZIE. She was by
a palomino stallion called ASPRO, who was around 40
years ago. NO CLYDESDALE, a little bit of Dales!"
SIRE: SUNDANCE Kid - (EE | Aa | nCr)  14.3
SUN Dancer
(Sundance Kid x Cindi Blu)
Buckskin Gypsy Perfection   6/10/2013
2017 Baby's 1st day  VIDEO
Baby Dancer
Hello Dancer, did you miss us?