SIRE : Olivers Gold(O.G.) blood runs deep:
SIRE: Coates Oliver -Sires DAM - The White Faced Mare - The
Moulden bred mare- The Old Paddy Horse, The Roadwseeper, Lob
Plus:GRAND SIRE - The Paleface Horse by The Horse Who Broke His
Back. The Horse Who Broke His Back by Billy Boy
(Cristie) by Lob.
And Oliver 's Gold  half  brothers (thru sires dam)are the well known     
'Dooley Horse' and 'Mosey'

Olivers Gold Dam is Gypsy Dance Romi Angel -we imported from UK
Coates, I think she is one of the prettiest Buckskins mares in the US.
......... more photos of Angel on O.G. page.

This colt will make the new owner very proud..   We expect him to be
Premier UK Breeding!
SIRE: Olivers Gold   sire Coates Oliver AND  Coates Oliver's brothers (same Dam)
are the well known
'Dooley Horse' and 'Mosey'.
Three black colts were
bred "On the Trot"
and Oliver was the last one!    
All of these three colts have made Famous stallions so clearly Oliver was not a lucky throw he is a result
QUALITY  BACK BREEDING.   (Statements from UK Amy&Albert Coates)  
Jackpot Gold is a stunning gypsy vanner colt,  like his Sire Olivers Gold,  aka O.G.    He has his sires
gypsy rockstar confirmation, small head/ears, when O.G. was at this age. And look TODAY at that
pretty pretty head with small ears and compact confirmation O.G. has  , already so much  like his
Sire Olivers Gold  aka O.G. Jackpot's  Disposition  is also like daddy's very engaging, in-your pocket
..see me and we are best freinds for life.   O.G. has a very  unique and special personality, he wants
you to come into his paddock and  hes so cute you do and hen wants to help you with all your projects
while you are in there.  So smart.
See O.G.
Jackpot was suppoe to be a filly that I was to keep.  :/
Gypsy Bloodlines are deep and dont get better on the Dam side:
Ginger(aka Bayley of LexLin) you have Tom Prices the producer, my first UK imported
mare is sired by the producer and she has the most amazing foals every year, heavy in
feather as this dam is. Jackpot is no exception, and will be as good. (photos to come)
The dam also carries Bob the blagdon bloodlines on her dam side, another one of my
SIRE O.G. =>
as a
Ginger (14.2h) -aka "Bailey"
(The Producer x Ginger Girl)
(Tom Price  Chestnut Mare))

*NICE feather,sweet head/ears
VERY  pretty

Ginger puts xx-feather on the foals.
Another true sign of deep bloodlines!!
2014 FULL brother -2015  GiGi WILL BE exactly  LIKE  HIM!
Jackpot Gold
2015 GiGi Gold  
** XXX-pretty Solid  Palomino FILLY**Shortest Back EVER w/feather and BONE!
BD:6/13 /2015     nCr | ee | aa  | PSSM1 = clear/negitive